Publicity for ‘Dark Secrets of Central Europe: A Tale of Three Cities’

My book ‘Dark Secrets of Central Europe: A Tale of Three Cities’ has been featured in Czech-based Central European news website Kafkadesk.

In the interview I explained how the book came about and provided some more information on the gruesome contents.

You can read the interview here:

The book’s blurb reads: “Prague, Vienna and Budapest and the countries they are the capitals of, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, represent a bubbling cauldron of ideas and beliefs.

“From obscure Christian sects and mainstream fundamentalists, to Talmudic mysticism, Islamic invasion and the ever-present hidden hand of paganism, this region is where east meets west. And the panoply of human existence and interaction has played out, often in gruesome fashion.

“Influenced by polities close by such as the Holy Roman Empire, German states and France and those further afield from Spain, to Iran and India, Central Europe is where synthesis has taken place. Both a wall and bridge for vastly different cultures.

“This volume came about after an odyssey to these three cities and the surrounding areas and explores the contradictions and curiosities of these iconic places.

“The journey takes in vampires, ghosts, brutal killings, war and plague. As well as magic, folklore and religion. Join me as I unearth the Dark Secrets of Central Europe in this Tale of Three Cities.”

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